4000 Sikh Yatrees arrive to celebrate birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak
ATTOCK As many as 4000 Sikh Yatrees arrived at Gurdwara Punjab Shaib Hasanabdal to celebrate the 540th birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak.

All necessary security measures have been taken by the Attock district police to avoid any untoward incident in the area.

The local administration also made proper accommodation and others arrangements to facilitate the Sikh Yatrees during their stay at Gurdawara.

Prominent Sikh leaders of India including former president divisional Human right committee Rajasthan K K Chambra, Dr Rana of Madhia Pardaish, party leader of Delhi Sikh Management Gurdawra Committee Bahldave Singh and Murari Lal Advocate, while talking to

local correspondent here Saturday, they urged the concerned authorities to make more efforts to facilitate the Sikh Yatrees.

However, Sikh leaders have expressed their satisfaction over the proper  maintenance of Gurdawara Punjab Sahib building and lauded Pakistan’s government for making strict and foolproof security arrangements.

17-11-2008 17:08 Attock News Published in News, Attock
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