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Amazing Names of Allah SWT,and their effects!!! (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Amazing Names of Allah SWT,and their effects!!!
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Amazing Names of Allah SWT,and their effects!!! 5 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 0  
Amazing Discovery on 99 names of Allah

It has been discovered by Doctor Ibrahim Karim (Biologist) that the names of Allah (SWT) have healing power to a large number of diseases.
He used precision methods in the measurement of energy within the human body, and discovered that every one of the names of Allah (SWT) stimulates energy in the immune system of the human body to work efficiently in a certain ideal human body.
He discovered that the mere mention (reciting) of the names of Allah (SWT) leads to improvement in the tracks Bio-energy within the human body, and after a 3-years of research Doctor Ibrahim reached to the following:-

Ear As Sami (The all Hearing) Bone Al Nafi (The creator of good)

Backbone - Al Jabbar (The Compeller Knee Al Ra uf ( The Clement )

Hair Al Badi ( The Originator) Heart Al Nur ( The Light)

Muscles Al Qawi (The All Strength) Heart Waves Al Wahab (The giver of All)

Heart Muscle Al Razaqq (The Sustainer) Nerve Al Mughni (The Enricher)

Artery Al Jabbar (The Compeller) Stomach Al Razaqq (The Sustainer)

Cancer Al Jalil ( The Mighty) Thyroid Al Jabbar ( The Compeller)

Thigh- Al Rafi ( The Exalter ) Migraine Al Ghani (The Rich One)

Eye Arteries Al Muta ali (The Supreme One) Kidney - Al Hayy (The Ever Living One )

Colon Al Ra uf (The Clement) Intestine Al Razzaq ( The Sustainer)

Liver - Al Nafi (The creator of good) Pancreas Al Bari ( The Make of Order)

Fatty Sacks Al Nafi (The creator of good) Womb - Al Khaliq ( The Creator )

Bladder Al Hadi ( The Guide ) Rheumatism Al Muhaymin (The Guardian)

Prostat Al Rashid (The Righteous Teacher) Nerves of the Eye Al Zahir (The Manifest One )

Pineal Gland Al Hadi ( The Guide ) Blood Pressure Al Khafed (The Abaser )

Lung Al Razzaq ( The Sustainer ) Thymus Gland Al Qawi ( The All Strength )

Gland above the Kidney Al Bari ( The Make of Order) Hair Peel - Al Jalil ( The Mighty)

The Nasal Cavities ( Al Latif Al Ghani Al Raheem ) Eye ( Al Nur Al Basir - Al Wahab)

Method of treatment: Lay your hands on the place of pain and praise Allah (SWT) names as above according to your disease until the pain heals or cure away inshallah.

Note: Please bear in mind whatever takes place in result of reciting the names of Allah(SWT) depends on the will of Allah the Almighty.
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