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Undressing the Women (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Undressing the Women
i_wish_i_could_touch_u (Moderator)
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Undressing the Women 5 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0  
Separate entity and identity of the Pakistani people in general and its women in particular is fast eroding in the thin air. Growing number of women here have somehow taken to dress themselves the way Indian women do, which has nothing to do with our local traditions as well as fashionable dresses.
Women’s full-sleeve shirts have been reduced to half, further to quarter and then totally being sleeveless. This is not all. Women in most cases are not only wearing half, quarter or no sleeves, but also keeping the sides of their shirts open pretty high to the extent that their body is party exposed which certainly presents no appreciable view in any manner to the onlookers.
When women, age being no bar as such, wearing such explosive and explosive dresses out there on the roads and in the shopping markets and other places, they ought to attract the attention of the people around them. No doubt, a woman likes to be looked on and appreciated but then there are better, nice and sophisticated ways also in this regard.
One cannot help observing that this cultural invasion by India through Bollywood films and Indian television channels is more dangerous as well as disastrous than attacking Pakistan. This is a serious matter indeed which needs to be pondered by all serious quarters of the print and electronic media, intellectuals, educationists, and others who have brains and feel concerned about such unwanted and unpleasant happenings around.
This has nothing to do with extremism as such but certainly amounts to crossing all limits by those women but is negative indication of falling prey to the Indian cultural influences without bothering about the pros and cons. It is all the more shameful, deplorable and condemnable that even aged women mothers of couple of children are being lured to the sleeves less shorts obsession who as a matter of fact should be checking such an unhealthy and unwelcome trend among their young daughters.
The other day, this scribe happened to attend a function in a physical fitness and wellness club in Gulberg. While many Pakistani women were attired in sleeves less shirts or blouses with sarees, there were two couples of elderly foreign people. Both the elderly women were in shalwar kameez with full sleeves and presented a pleasant contrast with the local breed.
This is just one incident which is being narrated here. Such scenes can be seen in the hotels, restaurants, clubs, shopping plazas and markets here, there and every where. And all these are certainly no healthy and pleasant signs, indeed.
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