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National Anthem- a Pledge of Allegience!!! (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: National Anthem- a Pledge of Allegience!!!
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National Anthem- a Pledge of Allegience!!! 6 Years ago Karma: 0  

For the newly born sate of Pakistan, there were many challenges, and one of these was the necessity of having a national anthem. Upon independence, when the the flag was hoisted it was accompanied by the song, " Pakistan Zindabad, Azadi Paendabad". The flag itself had only been approved by the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan three days earlier. Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, wanted an anthem immediately on independence and at his own had asked a Lahore-based Hindu writer, Jagannath Azad on 9 August 1947 to write a national anthem for Pakistan in five days. The anthem written by Azad was quickly approved by Jinnah, and it was played on Radio Pakistan. This initial anthem remained as Pakistan’s national anthem for approximately eighteen months.

In 1948, A.R. Ghani from Transvaal, South Africa, offered two prizes of Rs. 5,000 each for the poet and composer of a new national anthem. The prizes were announced through a Government press note published in June 1948. In December 1948, a National Anthem Committee (NAC) was formed, initially chaired by the Information Secretary, Shaikh Muhammad Ikram. Committee members included several politicians, poets and musicians such as Abdur Rab Nishtar, Ahmed Ghualm Ali Chagla and Hafeez Jullandhuri. But nothing could be immediately finalized and when President Suekarno of Indonesia, the first foreign head of the state to visit Pakistan, visited Pakistan in 1950, Pakistan's national anthem was not played. It was then that the National Anthem was composed (WITHOUT LYRICS) by musician Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla, which was played on March 30,1950 on the arrival of King of Iran Reza Shah Pehalvi. The first instrumental anthem was played by the Pakistan Navy band at PNS Dilawar under Warrant Officer Abdul Ghafoor. The anthem was also played during the Prime Minister's visit to the United States. Although it was approved for playing during the visit of the Shah, official recognition was not given until January 5, 1954. In the meantime, however, Mr Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla had died in 1953, before he could see his tremendously appealing tune to have been accepted as the final anthem of Pakistan. His contribution to the national anthem was recognized by the government of Pakistan in 1996, when he was posthumously awarded the "President's Pride of Performance award", which was received by his son Abdul Khaliq Chagla on March 23, 1997.
We were taught that the first step to national pride was respecting the flag and reciting the National Anthem on daily basis.
Now, I have observed in Pakistan that the national flag is not a symbol of respect or pride, nor I have been able to listen our National Anthem being played on the Electronic Media despite the fact that there are numbers of Television Channels are set up in Pakistan except that on some occasion like the speech of the president or the prime minister . Before you all start to fume about that comment, think for a second… on your house, do you have the national flag flying or do you have a political party flag? Can u recite the first few lines of the National Anthem in first go? When you see protestors on television burning the flag, does it burn you inside knowing that the symbol by which Pakistan is known in the world is being desecrated?
Would you tolerate it if a foreigner were to do that in front of you?
Then why do you tolerate it when Pakistanis do it?
A quick quiz…
What is the Pakistani flag called?
Who created the national flag?
When did it come into existence?
What does it mean?
Did you know the answers without going on the internet and looking them up? Would you like to know the answers? I didn’t know either, so I had to look them up.
The national flag of Pakistan is called Sabz Hilali Parcham which is Urdu for Green Flag with the Crescent or Parcham-e-Sitara aw Hilal meaning The Flag of the Crescent and Star. It was created on 11th August, 1947 by Syed Amir-ud-Din Kedwaii.
The flag comprises a dark green field (representing Muslims) with a vertical white stripe in the hoist (left side) (representing non-Muslim minorities). In the centre is a white crescent (symbolizing progress) and a white five-pointed star (light and knowledge).
We need to start educating ourselves and our children about the national flag and that it is something to be respected and revered, and should never be an object of abuse, by anyone.
Pride in our nation starts with pride in our flag, that is what the world knows as the symbol of Pakistan.
Allegiance to the Republic, not a family, not a political party, nor a charismatic person; the Republic. Here, we tend to have allegiances all wrong, which is the main reason why our country stands in the condition it is today. We pledge allegiance to political parties when we sign the membership form. We pledge allegiance to professional associations. We pledge allegiance to political and charismatic leaders. But when do we pledge allegiance to Pakistan? Or is that only for those that take a military oath of service?
We have put ourselves on a vicious cycle, and we are the ones to blame for it. By pledging allegiance to everything else, we forget the one thing that requires our true allegiance, Pakistan. Without Pakistan, there is no Pakistan People’s Party. Without Pakistan, there is no Pakistan Muslim League. Without Pakistan, the political and charismatic leaders that we blindly follow would not exist.
Think for just a moment about what or where you think you might be if Pakistan did not exist.
Think for a moment about the sacrifices that Quaid-e-Azam, Sir Muhammad Allama Iqbal, and others gave to bring Pakistan into existence.
Think for a moment about the thousands of men who have given their lives in the defence, both civilian and military, of this nation we call Pakistan.
Now, think for a moment, why you don’t pledge allegiance to Pakistan?
Many reasons right, but the biggest being: The government is corrupt. But riddle me this: Didn’t you sit idly by and allow them to become this corrupt? Do you pay bribes or give “gifts” to get things done? Don’t blame the government; they can’t bribe themselves; that is where you encourage them. Learn to say no.
We need to go back to teaching our children history. If you don’t have the time, let your parents explain it. They actually lived through it and can give a first hand account of Pakistan’s development. We have a rare opportunity that will be gone in the next 20 years. We can actually learn the stories from the people that built Pakistan.
Take advantage of the opportunity and write the stories down and post them here.
The more that we learn about our history, the stronger we become.
People say history repeats itself… we are a broken record stuck on the same track. It’s time we started to believe the slogans that we scream at political rallies…”Pakistan Zindabad,” “Pakistan Painadabad,” and pledged our allegiance to the country that we thank Allah each day for.
You are able to get up every morning knowing that you are free. You are able to hear the azhan 5 times daily and join other Muslim brothers in prayer and fellowship. You are able to get an education and build a life for yourself.
With Pakistan, you have everything. Without Pakistan… only our elders can really tell us what state our lives would be in without this great country.
We all want this. One strong nation. One united people. Freedom and Justice for every citizen of Pakistan. What are we doing to make it happen?
The next time you are in a video store, look around and see how many, what I call, “Gung Ho” movies there are about America. Movies that do nothing more than boost national pride and build respect for the things that they have accomplished in building and defending their country. When you are watching television, look at how the shows also echo national pride and respect. From the cop shows, like NYPD Blue, to the comedies, be proud to be an American. Why? Because we say so. Is it really that easy?
We, as a nation, have to start believing in the rights that are guaranteed us under the Constitution of Pakistan. When we, as a nation, decide together to stop accepting that Pakistan is this way and will always be this way; only then can we expect the democracy to grow and the nation to flourish.
We can not expect Pakistan to be Pakistan while we still have cultural divides across provincial lines; while we have ideological differences with the people leading the political parties, religious parties and government.
We have the right to ask questions of anyone as citizens of this country. Whether you do it or not can only be answer by one person… you.

how many of you who go through this piece of document agree with me plz do comment on it!
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