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TOPIC: Rights of Wife on Husband!
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Rights of Wife on Husband! 6 Years, 8 Months ago Karma: 0  
[period]. Upon the father is the mothers' provision and their clothing according to what is acceptable. No person is charged with more than his capacity..."[Quran 2: 233][upon marriage] their [bridal][Quran 65: 7][Al-Bukhaari and Muslim][i.e., not let them into the house][Muslim][Abu Daawood, Ahmad and Ibn Maajah][in a section][Quran 65: 6][Imaam Ahmad]
Man, as the husband, however will not be held responsible or accountable for things that he has no control over, such as love, affection and self-comfort. Allaah, the Almighty stated in the Glorious Quran (what means): "And you will never be able to be equal [in feeling] between wives, even if you should strive [to do so]. So do not incline completely [toward one] and leave another hanging. And if you amend [your affairs][Quran 4: 129][Al-Bukhaari and Muslim][Quran 4: 19][Quran 2: 228][Al-Bukhaari and Muslim][Al-Bukhaari and Muslim][Al-Bukhaari and Muslim][Al-Bukhaari][Ibn Maajah][Muslim]
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