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Doctor's Hospital Lahore..... A Slaughter House! (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: Doctor's Hospital Lahore..... A Slaughter House!
i_wish_i_could_touch_u (Moderator)
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Doctor's Hospital Lahore..... A Slaughter House! 5 Years, 11 Months ago Karma: 0  
The incident

On November 29, 2009 at 3 am in the morning my 3 year old daughter, Imanae, spilt hot water on her hand in the kitchen and started crying. My wife and I immediatly took her to Doctors Hospital and Medical Center in Johar Town, Lahore. She was initially treated by the hospital nursing staff in the Emergency ward, they applied an ointment on her hand and gave her an injection. When Imanae continued crying from pain for some time, the nurse went to call the doctor on duty. I noticed when he walked into the room that he had obviously been asleep and was woken by the nurse.

The doctor told the nurse to give Imanae another injection. Imanae continued crying. Fifteen minutes later, the doctor instructed the nurse to inject Imanae with the 3rd injection after which she seemed to be getting worse and eventually lost consciousness. I asked the doctor what was happening to my daughter, he assured me that she was fine and was just sleeping. They left the room. I wasn’t satisfied and checked Imanae to see if I could feel her breath or her heartbeat but I couldn’t feel either.

I immediately told the nurse that my daughter wasn’t breathing. She called the doctor again who used a Heart Beat Monitor to examine Imanae. There was no reading on the monitor. I asked the doctor what this meant, he told me this Monitor was for adults and could not detect the heartbeat of a 3 year old. Why would he use it if he knew it was not meant for children? Few other doctors joined him along with some other hospital attendants. They connected Imanae to an ECG device and we all saw that the line was straight/static. My wife asked why the line was straight but the doctors did not reply. They kept on saying she’s ok, just having some breathing problems.

The doctors conferred between themselves as they examined her and they continued ignoring our repeated questions on what was happening to our daughter. They started giving her CPR at which point I was sure my daughter's life was in danger. But the doctors kept reassuring us that she was fine. They continued conferring between themselves and I feared that something had gone horribly wrong. Another hour passed in this torture and confusion. They constantly reassured us that she was ok, but if she was ok why was there no pulse on the ECG? They gave us no clue to what was happening to her or what they were trying to do.

Finally, one of them told me that she was having difficulty breathing and because the Hospital did not have a Ventilator we should take her to some other hospital before the condition worsened. They suggested we take her to Ittefaq hospital or Fatima Memorial, suggesting finally that we take her to Ward 23 of Children Hospital. I asked them for an ambulance because she was connected to all this equipment, but they told me that the ambulance was not available.

I requested if a doctor would accompany me because my daughter was in critical condition and I did not know what was wrong with her. I was told that they would give me her reports instead and that I would be accompanied by their ward attendant. I was not given the report and then I rush to Children Hospital where I was informed that she was “Received dead”.

There are several similar incidents where Doctors Hospital dumps patients whose treatments they have botched, on other hospitals.

One such incident that I came across was reported a few years ago in the Daily Times:


With your help, I have discovered several other cases that strongly indicate malpractice and gross negligence by this hospital.

If you are a victim of Doctors Hospital please let us know so that we can put that forward and bring the culprits to justice.

If you are effected by Doctor's Hospital in any way or you would like to share your thoughts, suggestions, opinion or can help, then please email me on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and help him to close down this slaughter house
reference is placed upon imanae.co.uk
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Teejay (User)
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Re:Doctor's Hospital Lahore..... A Slaughter House!. . .in attock also 4 Years, 6 Months ago Karma: 1  
Asalam o alaikum. . .u have pointed out an important dilemma in pakistan. . . . .

In attock also these kind of hospitals exist . . . . .which are owned by the district health officials and run by non-professionals. . .
Where they slaughter and minc the patient. . . .
e.g. . . Jandal medical complex jand where EDO HEALTH attock Dr.mussarat practice in duty time from 8am to 12pm. . .

Attock medical centre owned by DHO HEALTH ATTOCK DR.SULTAN SAHB. . . Same story

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i_wish_i_could_touch_u (Moderator)
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Re:Doctor's Hospital Lahore..... A Slaughter House!. . .in attock also 4 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 0  
jub tak koi awaz nahi uthai ga is khulam khula khilaf warzi ki , kisi ko kaisay pata chalay ga????? raise ur voice !!!!
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