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FCC opens garbage-fed fuel processing plant
FATEH JANG: Fauji Cement Company (FCC) inaugurated its first garbage-fed Refused Derived Fuel (RDF) processing plant at its factory at Jhang Bahtar, Fateh Jang tehsil.

The Rs 300 million plant consists of a sorter installed at the dumping site and a treatment plant installed at the factory, which converts sorted garbage into burnable fuel.

After initial sorting by sorter installed at Bhatta Chowk, mud and other  thin particles of garbage are separated and sold out to local vendors for its conversion into fertilizer. The remaining garbage is transferred to the company for further treatment, Project Director Khawar Saleem told reporters here.

The sorter separates mud and other items from the garbage at a speed of 30 tonnes per hour.

During the visit to factory, it was found that the plant installed on the factory premises comprises three components. First part converts garbage into tiny pieces of 50 to 70 centimeters and the second separates iron pieces from garbage and throw out metal. In the final process, clean garbage is converted into tiny pieces for use as alternative fuel along with coal, said Saleem.

He said the plant could produce 12 tonnes of RDF per hour, and would replace around 170 tonnes coal per day as fuel. He said the company had planned collection of 300 to 400 tonnes garbage from the dumping sites of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

FCC Managing Director Iftikhar Malik said that the company was burning 500 tonnes fuel daily to manufacture 3,885 tonnes cement.

He said initially, 170 tonnes RDF would be mixed with 330 tonnes coal in the cement plant on experimental basis. “If found satisfactory, we’ll shift to RDF completely,” he said.

He said the company was presently spending $200 to buy each tonne of coal. By shifting to the RDF, the company will save $10,000 per day, he said.

The FCC MD admitted that no Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study of the project was done. He, however, said the company would get the EIA study done if asked by the CDA or any other department.

He said open dumping of garbage had a negative bearing on environment. He said installation of the RDF plant would address the problem permanently.

05-08-2008 12:48 Online News
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