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Heavy rain in Attock


Heavy rain in Attock and surrounding areas on early Wednesday morning gave some respite to people from the scorching heat that measured at 41 degree centigrade on Tuesday.

The sudden burst at around 3:00 am was preceded by strong winds and a dust storm, which uprooted a number of hoardings in Attock. Some areas in Attock also suffered power failures during the thunderstorm, but some residents in rural Attock complained that they had been without electricity till 11 in the morning.

A met office spokesman told APP that the rain spell, covering most of Punjab, was expected to last for another two to four days.

The highest of rainfall was recorded in Rawalpindi at 43 millimetres while Islamabad received only 14 mm of rain. Mangla received 33 mm of rain. The met office also recorded rain in Gujranwala, Sialkot, Attock and Mianwali.

“The rain is due to a transitory weather system. Presently there is a westerly cut off and transition to monsoon rains,” explained the spokesman, adding that a similar weather pattern was expected over the next two to four days when these areas would receive more rain. He said since the summer was approaching its peak, the rain would only nominally drop temperatures.

18-05-2007 22:18 APP
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