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Heavy rains play havoc in Hasanabdal
HASANABDAL: The heavy rain played havoc in the town when five feet high rainwater entered the localities surrounding Gurdwara Punja Sahib, Miskin Moughal Chowk, Spring Road and Water Supply area.

Dwellers were looking at their floating households helplessly while the traders suffered heavy loss due to the rainwater, which destroyed the stocks. The office of a news agency situated in Miskin Moughal Chowk was also badly hit by the rainwater and destroyed important and valuable documents. The Evacuee Trust Properties Board has erected iron grills in the way of nullah, in gurdwara, which was the main cause of swelling of rainwater in the area.

The Evacuee Trust Property Board has erected huge iron grills at the both entry points of nullah passing through Gurdwara Punja Sahib. It has created hurdles and obstructed the natural flow of water as the shopping bags, garbage and the rubbish accumulates in these grills, which blocked water flow. The Tehsil Municipal Administration during the heavy rains remained indifferent and no one tried to clear water passage.

Last night during the heavy rain the water accumulated and rose to some five feet high and entered the shops and homes, which smashed away main gates of the houses.

The DCO Attock, Saqib Zafar has reputed EDO (R) Attock to reach Hasanabdal and assess the losses while the local DDO, Raja Fayaz Sultan Kiani was already here to look into the matter.

02-07-2008 15:59 Online News
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