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PM inaugurates wheat harvesting

pm-wheat Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Sunday said due to the incentives being provided by the government to the farmers through subsidised fertilizers and other inputs, the country has achieved bumper crop this year.Talking to newsmen here after participating in the harvesting of wheat crop in Bahatar in district Attock, the Prime Minister said by grace of God Almighty, there has been bumper wheat crop across the country including Barani areas and irrigated lands. He said the provision of inputs at subsidised rates, especially Rs. 400 subsidy in per bag of fertiliser, had been very successful and the farmers have record and bumper crops this year. Shaukat Aziz said the agriculture sector, which is backbone of the national economy, was being given special consideration by the government to increase per acre yield of all the crops in the country. The Prime Minister said two third majority of the population lives in the rural areas, therefore, the government has been providing maximum facilities to people living in these areas.

He said with the bumper crops of wheat, cotton, rice, canula, sugarcane, sunflower and other commodities, the income of the farmers would also increase which will ensure their progress and prosperity.


The Prime Minister, however assured that the government would continue its policies to provide maximum incentives and facilities to the farmers so that they could work hard to increase per acre yield of every commodity.

He said the government has also launched many development projects, both in rural and urban areas, for the provision of electricity, roads, hospitals, clean drinking water and other basic needs of the life to the people.

The Prime Minister, appreciating the hardwork and dedication of the farmers for bumper crops, said it was also possible due to heavy rains.

He said the government has sufficient storage of water in the dams, adding that the water capacity has been increased six times which is sufficient for Kharif crop and for power generation through dams.

The Prime Minister said the government is also concentrating on improving the livestock through various measures, including artificial insemination and other incentives.

About complaints for procurement of wheat, he said it has been resolved for the last many years as there is no restriction on the movement of the wheat.

He said due to free movement of wheat and its procurement by provincial governments and PASSCO, the farmers are being given on the spot payment and they are not facing any problem in selling their crop.

The Prime Minister said the private sector is also engaged in the procurement of the wheat, therefore, the complaints of the farmers for any delay in wheat procurement, have been resolved.

He said the government wanted to provide maximum price to the farmers for their crops.

Minister of State for Finance Omer Ayub Khan also accompanied the Prime Minister during this visit to his own constituency in Attock, while he was received there by District Nazim Attock Maj. (Retd) Tahir Sadiq and other notable farmers of the areas.

The Prime Minister joined the farmers in the harvesting of the wheat crop and congratulated them for good and bumper crop.


30-04-2007 06:20 Staff Reporter
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