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Pakistan to set up Panja Sahib Int'l University
Hasanabdal: The Pakistan government plans to set up the "Gurdwara Panja Sahib International University" at Hasanabdal to promote inter-faith peace and harmony, Education Minister Ahsan Iqbal said today.

Addressing a gathering of Sikh pilgrims at Gurdwara Panja Sahib in Hasanabdal town, Ahsan, who has additional charge of minorities affairs, said the new government will ensure the preservation and renovation of places revered by the Sikh community.

Minorities enjoy equal rights in Pakistan and have full freedom to visit their religious sites, he said.

Thousands of Sikh yatris or pilgrims, including about 3,000 from India, are currently in Hasanabdal to participate in Baisakhi celebrations.

Ahsan also underlined the need for peace and brotherhood among people of different faiths.

Sikh representatives appreciated the facilities provided to the yatris for visiting their religious sites. They strongly condemned the publication of anti-Islamic caricatures by the media in some foreign countries.

A delegation of Sikh yatris from Britain and the US led by Sardar Avtar Singh Sanghra also called on Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani in Islamabad this afternoon.

Gillani said Pakistan believes in complete religious freedom of minorities and will continue to protect and safeguard their rights.

"We consider it our religious obligation to maintain and protect the religious sites and places of the Sikhs and other minorities in Pakistan," he said.

He assured the delegation that the government of Pakistan will continue to provide the best possible facilities to Sikh pilgrims visiting their religious sites in the country.

16-04-2008 00:25 Online News
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