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Two car-lifters held, 3 vehicles recovered
Hassanabdal: National Highways & Motorway Police (NH&MP) have arrested two car-lifters and recovered three stolen vehicles from their possession, a spokesman of AH&MP said.

Motorway Police was informed by the Attock Police that a Suzki High Roof No. LZQ. 6024 has been stolen from the jurisdiction of Hassanabdal Police Station. On receiving this information, all the patrolling vehicles of NH&MP were alerted who stooped the said vehicle near Rakashi. Three culprits were traveling in the said vehicle. The NH&MP officers managed to arrest one car-lifter identified as Imran Khan, son of Hakeem Khan, resident of Charsadda, while two others managed to escape from the scene.

During the preliminary interrogation, the culprit told the NH&MP that his other companions are traveling in a red Corolla Car No. LOE. 5611. Therefore, without wasting time NH&MP officers signaled to stop the said car, but the driver instead of stopping the vehicle tried to sped away. However, on chasing the two persons left the car at a distance and escaped from there. The NH&MP took the said car in its custody.

In another incident, Motorway Police received information from Sialkot Police that a stolen Corolla Saloon Car. No. STS-101 is heading toward Islamabad through Motorway (M-1). On this information, all the patrolling cars of NH&MP were got alerted and after some minutes the NH&MP officers succeeded in stopping the said car. The NH&MP officers managed to arrest one culprit, namely Bismillah, s/o Qeela Khan, r/o Nowshera. The local police was informed and later recovered vehicles along with two arrested car-lifters were handed over to them.

The IG of NH&MP, Muhammad Raffat Pasha, appreciated the performance of the officers and announced cash rewards for them.

07-04-2008 17:50 Attock News
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