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Power crisis paralyses life in Attock
ATTOCK: The ongoing power crisis has paralysed civic life and business activities in the city and other parts of the Attock district.

During the last few days, the frequency of loadshedding has increased considerably and now citizens are being provided electricity only for a few hours and that too in short spells.

Villages are the worst hit as they are being provided power in 15 minutes’ spells only.

The situation has affected and in some cases even halted production work in small industrial units and other business sectors, rendering hundreds of workers and daily wagers jobless. The owners of other small enterprises particularly tobacco and shoe factories at Hazro, tailors and other mechanical and automobile units are facing heavy losses as they have regular employees on their fixed payroll.

Besides loadshedding, frequent breakdowns and power fluctuations have become a regular feature, causing damages to domestic appliances.

Indoor and outdoor patients at the district headquarters hospital and other health institutions are also facing a lot of problems, as majority of them have not generator facility. Similarly, prisoners at Attock jail are experiencing undesirable hardship particularly at night, when they are crammed into the congested cells.

Likewise, students particularly those appearing in summer courses are facing problems due to lack of cooling arrangements in the educational institutions.

Besides public offices, local educational institutes, computer colleges and internet cafes are also facing problems due to frequent disconnection of electricity. The situation has also affected wedding ceremonies and other civic activities.

Moreover, many citizens are also facing financial hardship as their home appliances like refrigerators, irons, water pumps and computers have developed faults due to power fluctuations.

The residents are also facing shortage of LPG cylinders while their prices have already skyrocketed. The use of kerosene has also increased as it is used in lanterns and stoves. Some vendors purchase the fuel in black market and sell it on inflated rates.

More and more people are buying generators to meet their requirements during power outages, causing smoke and noise pollution.

The purchase of LPG, kerosene, petrol and diesel to run the lighting equipment and generators has put an extra burden on people’s budgets.

03-04-2008 16:27 Online News
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