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Action demanded against transporters overcharging

JAND: Local transporters have started overcharging on Jand-Basal and Attock routes after recent price hike of petroleum products.

As per details, after recently revised petroleum rates, local transporters here have started overcharging (almost double) fare instead of officially notified rates being charged earlier from passengers traveling on various routes.

Now from Jand to Attock, transporters are charging Rs. 60 instead of Rs. 45 and from Basal to Attock Rs. 40 instead of Rs. 30.

A passenger, Azhar Mehmood besides many other local travelers told that transporters had increased fare at their own and the concerned authorities should take notice of it.

Secretary RTA, Arshad Ali Tawana when contacted said that he would himself visit different routes and stern action would be taken against those found involved in overcharging.

24-03-2008 14:24 Online News
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