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Efforts being made to maintain peace, tranquility across province
ATTOCK: All out efforts were being made to curb terrorism and improve the law and order situation across the province. This was stated by Governor Punjab Lt. Gen ® Khalid Maqbool while talking to newsmen here on Friday.

Police and all other law enforcing agencies would be imparted special training and all required facilities would be provided to them to meet the challenges of the present time.

He said that steps were being taken to ensure security at important government installations.

He urged upon the religious scholars and media to play their active role to eliminate terrorism and pinpoint those elements spreading hatred and propagating against Islam.

Khalid Maqbool said that Islam is a complete code of life, give message of peace, love and does not allow the killing of innocent people.
He said that every person of the society should play positive role for the development of the country.

Talking about the development of the province, Governor said that billions of rupees had been spent on the development projects including education and health sectors.

Earlier, Governor presided over a meeting which was attended by Chairman Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra Air Marshal Khalid Chaudhry, DCO Attock A.  Razzaque  Malik, RPO Nasir Khan Durrani and DPO Attock Tariq Hanif Joya.

The DCO and DPO Attock briefed the Governor Punjab about the current law and order situation in the district.

17-03-2008 13:54 Online News
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Posted by Shakir Mumtaz
23-01-2008 00:11, , Guest
Brother Naeem Sadiq need to revise his emothionl approach to the matter with facts and fgures. 
Once the covering of the sentimentality is removed and facts are known I am sure you would not ask for what you just throuw out without much of thoughts. No offence please.
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