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Guru Nanak's death anniversary observed at Pakistani gurdwaras
 Ceremonies marking the 468th death anniversary of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, ended with distribution of sweets among pilgrims from across Pakistan and Afghanistan at Gurdwara Punja Sahib in Hasanabdal near here Saturday.

The ceremonies started in Hasanabdal, some 50 km from here, Friday with the head granthi reading portions of the holy book Guru Granth Sahib.

The rituals concluded with a Bhog ceremony during which sweets are distributed among the pilgrims.

More than 500 Sikhs from different parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan had arrived in Hasanabdal to participate in the Jyoti Jot ceremonies. About 85 Sikhs from India are also in Pakistan who would be visiting Punja Sahib after visiting the Sikh holy places near Lahore.

Most of the Sikh pilgrims from India arrived by the India Pakistan peace train, the Samjhauta Express. The different groups are led by Sardar Bhupinder Singh Bhullar of Bhai Mardana Society, Sardar Swaran Singh Gill, Sardar Harcharan Singh Brar from Mian Mir Foundation and Sardar Baldev Singh Maan.

Bhullar told media persons in Lahore that the pilgrims were happy with the reception they were given at the Wagah border check post.

He said the people of India and Pakistan needed to visit each other's countries more often to bridge the gap created between them by political differences.

In this context, he recalled the message of peace and love Guru Nanak had given. 'This message is not for any particular religion or group but all the mankind,' he said.

Guru Nanak was born at Nankana Sahib, about 40 miles from Lahore, in 1469.

Apart from Sikhs, Guru Nank Dev is worshiped by many religious communities and some Muslims also respected him as their religious leader during his lifetime.

25-09-2007 01:41 Bureau Report
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