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Small and medium businesses serve as an engine of growth: PM
 Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Friday said the government has given numerous incentives to business community and it should avail these opportunities to improve businesses as well as overall economy of the country. Small and medium businesses serve as an engine of growth and play a significant role in promoting the economic activities in the economy of any country, he said while talking to a delegation of businessmen from Attock, representing Attock Chamber of Commerce and Industry here.

The Prime Minister said free trade and competition have become the rule of the game that have been established through globalization especially in the field of trade and commerce. Beside induction of better technology to improve the quality of the products there is a dire need to develop skills and adopt the international best practices.

The businessmen, he said, can also use the services of SME Bank to further improve and expand their businesses.  The Prime Minister said the government will extend every possible assistance to improve the socio-economic conditions in Attock.

He said the Industrial Estate being established in the area will give a boost to the local industry and trade and added the development of infrastructural facilities including roads, electricity and communication  will further facilitate to improve the economic conditions.

He said the expansion of educational and health facilities would directly benefit the social life of the district.   

The Prime Minister said district and provincial governments are keeping strict vigil on prices and added we have ensured that items of daily use are available in the market at reasonable prices.

President of the Attock Chamber of Commerce and Industry while appreciating the economic reform policies of the government expressed confidence that PML and its allies will return to power after the general elections because of their performance.

The delegation lauded the government’s efforts to ensure availability of goods to the people through utility stores. They also appreciated the quality of goods available at the Utility Stores and demanded opening of more stores in District Attock.

The delegation also thanked the Prime Minister for his interest in the development of the Attock region.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of State for Environment, Malik Amin Aslam, Advisor to Prime Minister on Political Affairs Commander Khalil ur Rehman and Advisor to the Prime Minister Rana Tariq Javed.

15-09-2007 02:12 Online News
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