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Illegal industries, housing schemes in Kala Chitta area
 Kala Chitta: The government of Pakistan, on recommendations of Headquarters of Security Division, National Command Authority, had the Kala Chitta Reserve Forest area, District Attock, declared ‘Negative Area’. Due to its proximity to strategic installations, this area has been prohibited for any industrial development, housing society, or business activity.

However, a number of industrial units and housing societies have been set up and planned within the 5 km zone of negative area such as poultry farms to a big glass manufacturing unit to housing societies.

The presence of a huge glass making concern near sensitive installations raises serious public safety concerns as liquid nitrogen gas is used in glass manufacturing. Industry experts fear, any accident would render the air un-breathable due to excess carbon dioxide in the air. Given the highly inflammable gas and ammunition depots in the vicinity any human error could lead to a disastrous chain of accidents.
Beside Khawaja Group’s Float Glass at Garhi Hassu, near Fateh Jang, many industrial units have also sprung up within the restricted 5-kilometer ‘negative area’ without the issuance of relevant No Objection Certificate (NOC), it was learnt reliably.
These industries include Kaneez Ghee Mill, Aayan industries (Pvt) Ltd, Rashid Ghee Mill and Green Chicken Feed factory.
Similarly, housing societies are also coming up within the negative area. These are Islamabad Motorway City, Gulshan-e-Mohammadi, Galaxy City Housing Society, Qazi Enterprises, Model Town (Baba Farid Housing) Pvt. Limited, and WAPDA cooperative housing society at Sang Jani.
Both the industrial development and mushrooming of housing societies are likely to adversely affect the security in the ‘negative area’ besides violating government policy.
When contacted the Director General PAK-EPA, said that environment ministry is not aware about this issue but the government is working to ensure that every industry must have EIA done before its installation.
He added that the ministry has issued warning notices to all industries and housing societies for violating the environmental laws. “But if the industries are coming up within 5 kilometer of the negative area in violation of the environmental laws, government will take strict action,” he said.

14-09-2007 02:16 Our Correspondent
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Posted by farahkhan
20-09-2007 14:20, , Guest
Salam & keep itup
First time i m seeing this site n i like to see it please through this website inform us the latest jobs in Attock 
Best wishes for this site 
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