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Six arrested, kidnapped person recovered
ATTOCK: The Islahi Committee raided a den of criminals and arrested six alleged kidnappers besides recovering a kidnapped person, Noor Muhammad, from their custody Thursday. Noor, a resident of Pindigheb in Attock district of Punjab, was lifted during his visit to the area 16 days ago by a gang led by Wajid Ali alias Buddagay and was kept at Kundao area of the Frontier Region (FR) Kohat. The kidnappers had demanded Rs3.7 million as ransom for his release. Members of the Islahi Committee got hold of the gang leader, Wajid, when he came to collect ransom money from a relative of the abducted person, who later revealed names of other gang members. Noor Muhammad thanked Islahi Committee for making his safe release possible. Committee members also handed over the recovered cars and other goods to the owners.

20-08-2007 00:21 Our Correspondent
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