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CAA set to contract two firms for new airport
ISLAMABAD: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is set to award a contract to build the terminal and operational areas of the new Islamabad International Airport to two international companies.

CAA officials told Daily Times on Tuesday that initially 32 expressions of interest were submitted with the authority but only 12 were short-listed and two companies would finally get the contract. “One company will construct the terminal and the other will build operational areas like the runways and taxiways,” they said.

They said the CAA would fund the new airport worth $ 400 million and the most experienced companies would be contracted to build the country’s first ‘green field’ airport. They said the CAA would finalise the airport’s name shortly. “Gandhra is one of the names being considered as it would help attract tourists,” the officials said.

A CAA spokesman said, “Design of the airport will be finalised by year end. The airport will be completed within 36 months after finalisation of its design.”

He said that two Pakistani companies were levelling the site of the new airport near Fateh Jang and would complete the work in December. He said the new airport would facilitate 6.5 million passengers a year, but its capacity would be doubled later.

He said the land acquisition process started in 1984 despite hundreds of cases against it, but now almost all the cases had been settled.

He said the airport would be supplied water from the Shahpur and Ghazi Brotha dams, adding that WAPDA and SNGPL had also assured electricity and gas supply to the airport. He said a new road would be built to connect the airport with Islamabad.

20-08-2007 00:18 Staff Report
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