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Gujrati Mafia has disgraced Attock
Dear Editor,
Gujrati Mafia has disgraced Attock by surrendering a seat in the NA of a daughter of Attock to get one nincompoop matarua puppet of Musharraf elected to the NA. Is Attock the most 'yateem' and
'lawaaris' district in Punjab, like Thrparkar in Sindh.
And what we got in recompense: electric and gas connections to the selected individuals with enhancement in load-shedding, but got Akhori Dam in Attock and Kalabagh Dam in Punjab delayed indefinitely.
"Qoume firokhtand walle chih arzaan firokhtand"
( Alas! We Attockies have been sold but how cheeply)

16-08-2007 09:09 Attock News
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Posted by mian qureshi
31-01-2009 09:30, , Guest
Gujrati Mafia has disgraced Attock
Mr. Talawat Bokhari, here every1 is taking advantage and availing chances(wrong or right none cares). If Editor or Administrator took advantage of your article, then what the hell has happened/ I will advise you to take patient because sabr ka phal meetha hota hay. take patient and wait for sweet fruit. 
Jungal main Toty ki awaz kon sunta hay. This is jungal and law of jungal prevails. This is good effort you tried to shake his conscious but he never realized and did not responsed to yr ltr. Anyhow your message has reached to community ears.
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Posted by Talawat Bokhari
07-01-2008 16:38, , Guest
Gujrati Mafia disgrced Attock
This letter was written by me. Why has it been attributed to the Administrator? Do you mean this letter was written by the administrator to the editor?
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Posted by Talawat Bokhari
06-01-2008 16:55, , Guest
Gujrati Gujrati Mafia has disgraced
The above letter under comment, titled 'Gujrati Mafia has disgraced Attock' was written by me. May I know please why my name has not been indicated there-against?
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