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Khunda Attock
Hello, I was born in Khunda "attock" but left my village long time ago. i miss my village and my dist. i found your site incidentally and i am very pleased to your effort to promote our culture to the outer world. while living abroad i found that this website is the only source of my contact with my culture. Welldone! keep it up.
i would appreciate if you could write something about my village as well.
best regards,
Asif Hayat

02-08-2007 07:39 Asif Hayat
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Posted by Asif Ali Khan gugarbagi
07-09-2011 03:31, , Guest
oya beghrat mula tum oder nai rahta jo yhan dakhna chata ho.
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Posted by Sajjad
02-06-2011 02:37, , Registered
Re: Thanx 2 sir sajjad
Thank you Atif
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Posted by AtifAwan
01-06-2011 03:49, , Registered
Thanx 2 sir sajjad
assalam o alaikum to all of you. 1st of all would like to u alls that i have reached in this accidently by google. I cant show my joyness in words. Welldone sir Sajjad you have done a great job.  
Now i would like to talk in our mother language. Coz this also part of our culture and identity. 
Janab baunh baunh khushi hoi ,ithay aa k baunh changa pya lagna. Par ek gila zrur kresan aur gilay hamesha apnya nal kreene wan ghairan na nai. Janab mohtaram Adnan ali sahab ni post parh k dil an thora jya dukh zrur laga. Par syanay akhnay k bhanday chu oha kuch nekalna jo us ich hona. Bonh saray wich ek addh eyu jya banda hwa te taa e changay manday na pata lagna. Dil te nai lani. Khush rawo saray .Allah tusan saryan khush rakhay. Hun mulaqatan honiyan rahsan.
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Posted by safdar ali khan
01-05-2011 01:57, , Guest
thanks tariq bro for replying , definitely qazi abdul raouf is our pride,,i m here in royal mail the queens personal deptt. akram bugga is my cousin and if you were his classmate then u remained two years ahead of my brother.see u again and what u do in dubai
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Posted by Tariq
01-05-2011 00:34, , Guest
Thanks Safdar Khan sahib cant remember all of class mate but askar ali Khan , Ibrar his cousine Naseer Niazi and Akrum Bugga all I remeber. 
What is ur job in UK , I am here in abu dhabi UAE. 
Now living in attock. I realy honour Qazi Abudl Rauf Sahib for his dedication to educate us during his stay at kisran.
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Posted by safdar ali khan UK
30-04-2011 06:42, , Guest
Thanks brother Tariq,,,,Headmaster(Retd)Qazi Abdul Raouf Sahib BA,B.Ed.name is already there at ,,viovio, stars of my beloved village,many thanks anyway,,tariq bhai agar aap col abrar sahib kay class fellow hain to karam dad from mithial kay bhee class fellow hon gay,,he is my real brother. i wil ask him about you any way. Allah hafiz
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Posted by Tariq
30-04-2011 03:13, , Guest
Kisran have it's own identity
Nice efforts from mithialian brothers. I am from kisran. I studied in Basal High School two years. Col Abrar is my class mate.Askar khan as well. I agree with s Sajjad bhai host a mmon web for Attock but then it need a lot of coordination, Also we should all be sincere to each other. There shouldn't be old enimity between kisran and Mithial...the one we been facing during our study. Safdar sahib plz include Headmaster Qazi Abdul Rauf BA BEd also in stars. He deserve it.
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Posted by Mohammad Naveed Aslam Khan
29-09-2010 18:45, , Guest
Hope you all to be in ur best. i just wana mention one thing in here and that is (all the guys who are serving their old parents in a proper way i mean they are giving them care,love,affection and all what they deserve in old age those all guys are the stars and heros of Mithial no matter if they are not on high profile jobs or on good posts. 
if they are labours but have kept their parents happy are the stars of Mithial. 
Mohammad Naveed Aslam Khan 
Toolpusher (SRA,Petroleum Services)ARAMCO (KSA)
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Posted by karam dad awan
04-09-2010 19:29, , Guest
khunda is very good
salaam doston kea ha ha,yar hum logon ko chahye k hum log apne elaakay ko to save kar lein na
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Posted by khattak
01-09-2010 05:33, , Registered
I found a newly created website on MITHIAL also very informative www.MITHIAL.8M.NET 
I suggest all should visit this website and appreicate this website creator in adding more pictures and details for MITHIAL. 
Riyadh, Saudia
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Posted by faisal
19-08-2010 21:34, , Guest
hey,how r u all?now at this time u can be upgrde it not to put at those person whose are not famious.
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Posted by Adnan Ali
04-04-2010 04:54, , Guest
very good mithialio,qadam barhao hm tmhare sath hain.oh mithial star se jalne wale tm ne zindagi me kabhi koi star dekha bhi hy ya sirf suna hy.pechan nhi ske to tanqeed shuru kr di.so sad yaar tm bhi kuch kro star bn jao ge.jalne se koila bn sakte ho star nhi.
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Posted by asif
10-11-2009 02:44, , Guest
nice mithial
very nice web site of mithial which is mentioned by mr.sardar i am happy to see the villege of ttock and people of mithial 
allah bless all
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Posted by Sajjad
21-10-2009 22:53, , Registered
Mithial Websites
Dear Safdar Bhai (Lala Jee) 
I have visited mithial site. its very Nice  
Nice to see the beauty of Mithial & Pictures of Bul Race ("Jalsa" Our Culture).  
Reading about Mithial & its History is also very Nice. I think it is role model for people from other villages of Attock to do so. 
My suggestion is that link of websites like this must be in Attock website's main page to know about the villages of Our District. 
I am requesting to attocknews websites officials to do this. 
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Posted by sardar1970
21-10-2009 10:05, , Registered
thanks brother sajjad for your encouraging comments about the stars of mithial. we should ignore the person like tragsoar01 who criticised me for nothing and he used abuvise language as well. anyway leave him at his narrow mind. brohter could you please visit mithials site at. www.mithial.8k.com, this is designed by a youngster of mihtial. thank you. 
safdar ali khan
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Posted by Sajjad
20-10-2009 22:39, , Registered
Re: stars of mithial by safdar ali khan
I Realy appreciate the Mr. Safdar's Work 
Thats realy nice to see the stars of Rural Areas as he said his 2nd post these are the stars of Mithial not of Pakistan  
So we have to appreciate those poeples who have done something in their fields.  
This is the way how we can know about our district peoples & their acheivements. 
I want to say the othe guy i.e tragsoar01 do not discourage these type of posts 
Attock is our district & by doing these sort of appreciation to our peoples we can move forward & we can add  
other stars may be they have done better than the stars that we have mentioned but we have to keep in mind that  
the stars that safdar mention they achieve in what circumstances 
So i suggest Mr. tragsoar01 to be positive & encourgae peoples like Mr. Safdar on his great work to gather the data of his village poeples even he is not in Pakistan. 
My home village is next to Mithial i.e Kisran. But even i live in Karachi i did not gather data like this. 
So Please use this platform positively & go ahead for better future for our Area & their peoples 
We can share Education/ Professional updates on this platform 
Village Kisran 
Dist Attock
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Posted by sardar1970
17-10-2009 09:04, , Registered
unparh lagtay ho , thora parh lo, jal gae ho, bacharay , main nay star of mithial likhay hain, stars of pakistan naheen. dakho yeh fa ba tumhain nazar aatay hain, zara ghor karo, dunya nay pehlay FA BA kia phir kahan say kahan ponchi , unparh honay ka complex tumhain khayay ja raha hay. aur haan agar kuch parhay likhay ho to to nisaab say hat kar kuch kitaabain parho aur apna vision barhao. sand ya degreeion say banda pargha likha naheen hota , vision say hota hay.
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Posted by tragsoar01
17-10-2009 06:18, , Registered
@sardar1970 Yar kuch aur karo!
aray yaar dunia kehan say kehan ponch gayee tum abhee BA FA Pass logon ko star bananay par tulay ho....laanat tumaray complex per
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Posted by sardar1970
16-10-2009 02:37, , Registered
stars of mithial by safdar ali khan UK
Safdar Ali Khan Jamadari UK 
Mithialians are proud to have another star of Mithial, Akhtar Abbas Khan Jamadari who has completed M.Sc. in Mass Communication. 
This is the new and upgraded version and a number of people have been added in the list. 
Mithial is pretty much fertile land and it furnished numerous talented people to our motherland. Certainly it would not be an exaggeration should I call them as cream of Mithial. We all Mithialians are proud of you the ones mentioned below. Please donít take it insulted if I could not describe full name of the stars of Mithial and for this I seek apology in advance. 
Maj Basharat Ali Khan 
Maj Muhammad Amin --- Late 
Maj Ghulam Ali ---Late. 
Col Inayat Ullah Khan (Rtd) 
Col Muhammad Rafique 
Cap.Muhammad Nawaz Khan (Retd) 
Maj Yaqub Khan(Rtd) 
Maj Zamurad Khan(Rtd) 
Maj Ghulam Muhammed (Rtd) 
Maj Taj Muhammad Khan (Rtd) 
Maj Matloob Khan 
Col Arshad Khan 
Col Riazat Khan(Rtd) 
Col Ibrar Ahmad 
Col Ejaz Khan 
Col Javed Ashraf Khan 
Col Arif Khan 
Col Tariq khan 
Col Amjid Saeed 
Maj Fakhar Alam 
Maj Fazal Khan 
Maj Pervaiz Ashraf Khan 
Maj Zahid Ashraf Khan 
Maj Tahir Khan 
Maj Farhat Amin Khan 
Squad. Leader Muhammad Ijaz 
Captain Hamid Khan 
Flying Officer Sajid Ali 
Inspector Muhammad Inayat Hussain Haidri --late 
Inspector Muqarrab Khan 
Inspector Aziz Khan--Late 
ASI Allah Dad Khan 
Engineer Manzoor Ahmad --late. 
Engineer Khyzar Hayat Khan. USA. 
Engineer Muhammad Nasim Khan---late 
Engineer Umar Inayat Khan Dubai. 
Khalid Mehmood B.SC.Civil Engineering 
Muhammad Siddique B.SC. Engineering in progress 
Doctor Amir Daood Khan USA. 
Major Doctor Muhammad Naeem USA 
Doctor Ifzaal Ahmad khan 
Doctor Muhammad Hafiz khan 
Muhammad Bilal Khan Jamadari M.Sc. Pharmacy USA 
Muhammad Asif khan M.Sc. Pharmacy 
Mubashir Javed MS. computer science 
Asif Nawaz Khan MS. Computer scinece 
Sajid Ali Khan. BCS. 
Muhammad Atique B.CS in progress. 
Rehmat Ali MCS in progress 
Saleem khan MCS. 
Tariq Zafar MCS. 
Muhammad Mujtaba Asad BE Electronics(He also designed web site 
of the village of Mithial, WWW.MITHIAL.8K.COM) 
Bank Manager Ghulam Abbas Khan Zaidi. 
Grade II Officer NBP Amanat Ali Khan. 
Muhammad saeed khan MBA Habib Bank. 
Muhammad Mazhar Zaman ACMA(Foundation)Habib Bank 
Ashfaq Ahmad 
Muhammad Parvaiz 
Sher Ahmad khan 
General Manager Security Abdullah Khan -----late 
Station Manager Dhaka Air port Ijaz Khan. 
Master Shoaq Sahib. Famous Poet of Urdu ---late 
Famous teacher and poet of Urdu Sabir Mithialvi---Late. 
Head Master Shaheenchi Khan MA English.---Late. 
Head Master AEO Fazal Elahi, MA B.Ed. 
M. Mukhtar Khan PhD. USA 
Aamir Amanat Khan Lecturer of Environmental Science University of Faisalabad and currently doing P.hD. in Malaysia. 
SST. Arab Khan--- Late. BA. M.Ed. 
Subject Specialist Askar Khan. MA. Economics. B.Ed. 
Head Master Safdar Khan MA. B.Ed. 
Zafur ul Islam M.Sc. Botany, M.Ed. 
Education JCO. Muhammad Taj.MA 
Education JCO Muhammad Akram.MA 
M. Saeed MA. Pol Science , M. Ed. 
Khuda Dad khan MA.B.Ed. 
Noor ul Huda M.Sc. M.Ed. 
Muhammad Munir MA.B.Ed. 
Arshad Ali. MA M.Ed. 
Abdul Waheed. MA B.Ed. 
AEO M.Nisar. B.sc. M.Ed. 
JCO.Azhar Iqbal MA B.Ed. 
Muhammad Naeem Afzal MA M.Ed. 
Liaqat Ali Khan owner and Principal of Dar-e- Arqam Model School Mithial. 
Wajid Ali Khan owner and Principal of Sir Syed Public School Mithial. 
Scientific Officer Muhammad Ali Khan M.Sc. Physics 
Scientific Officer Muhammad Shoaib Ali Khan M.Sc. Physics 
Daughter of Parvaiz Akhtar PhD in Bio Engineering (England) 
Fahid Akhtar M.Sc. Maths. (England). 
Muhammad Farooq ACMA (Ireland). 
Arshaad Khan MBA. (Ireland). 
Safdar Ali Khan M.Sc. M.Ed. (England) 
Akhtar Abbas Khan Jamadari. M.Sc. Mass Communication. 
Shokat Ali M.Sc Chemistry and M.Sc Petroleum, he is also 
doing M.S in Process Engineering from university of Calgary Canada. 
Asim Habib Khan M.Sc. B.Ed. 
Sadaqat Ali khan M.Sc. 
Muhammad Sajjad M.Sc. Geology. 
Dr. Ghulam Hussain MA. 
Muhammad Elahi MA. 
Fazal Hayat MA Economics 
Muhammad Afzal M.SC. Physics 
Aamir Mahmood M.SC. Maths. 
Mahmood Ahmad M.sc.Physics 
Khalid Mahmood MBA 
Ustaad Khuda Baksh--- late 
Ustaad Abdul Ghafoor--- late 
Ustaad Ghazi Shabbir--- late 
Yasin Shaoq sahib--- late 
Sabir Mithialvi--- late 
Muhammad Inayat Hussain Haidri--- late 
Aslam Shahid. 
Dr. Khudad Dad Khan 
Amir Mukhtar Khan 
Muhammad Ashfaq Shakir 
Wajid Ali Khan Haideri 
Shahid Bin Noor 
Aman ullah khan 
Abdullah khan Olympian 
Subidaar Muhammad Ashraf Olympian 
Subidaar Ghulam Qadir Olympian 
Subidar Amjid Ali International Basket Ball Player 
Zahid Ali Khan Coach of Uzbekistan Hockey team 
Munshi Jaafar Khan Jamadari---late 
Sardar Tora Khan ---late 
Thakadaar Fateh Khan ---late 
Thakadaar Muhammad Khan--Late 
Numbardaar Malik Sher Khan Jumadari---Late 
Numbardaar Malik Muhammad Khan---late 
Subidaar Muhammad Akram Khan---Late 
Numbardaar Zakir Khan--Late 
Malik Banaras Khan--Late 
Hafiz Karam Khan 
Haji Banaras Khan--Late 
Subidaar Sher Khan--late 
Chairman Rab Nawaz Khan----late. 
Chairman Abdul Rehmaan Khan. 
Chairman Abdul Raoof khan 
Vice Chairman Khalid Mehmood 
JD Malik. 
Subidaar Noor Muhammad Khan 
Javaid Khan. 
Ch. Arshad Khan 
Shair jang--- Late. 
Saeed Akhtar Khan 
Asif Ali Khan 
Naib Nazam Asif Ali Khan 
Naib Nazam Muqarrab Khan 
Vice Chairman Khalid Mahmood Khan 
Lala Altaf Khan 
Liaqat Ali Khan Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Mithial. 
Counl. Muhammad Naeem 
Haji Shehienchi Khan 
There are a number of other stars whose name could not be mentioned owing to a lack of knowledge and for this i beg pardon from all of them. If someone wants to get add up in the stars of Mithial, then kindly suggest me at, ariesattock@yahoo.com
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04-10-2009 15:13, , Guest
i want to see mithial dhook darakhani
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