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Political bigwigs lobby for tickets for their children
 ATTOCK: As the general elections are approaching, political families in Punjab are flexing their muscles to get tickets for their sons, daughters and nephews.
The graduation requirement in the 2002 polls barred many seasoned politicians from contesting the polls. As a result, political families had to change their strategy and brought in their young talent.
Party tickets will be awarded in the next few days and the country is likely to see many young politicians in the assemblies.
Federal State Minister Malik Ameen Aslam will get the ruling party ticket. Malik Shayan Hakimeen is looking for a PPP ticket for the provincial assembly. Khawaja Kamaluddin, another PPP leader, is trying to get a party ticket for his son Khawaja Sheraz Kamal.

24-07-2007 06:45 Bureau Report
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