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Local bodies system has empowered people: Shaukat Aziz

pm-attaATTOCK: Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz on Saturday said the local bodies system has empowered the people at the grassroots level, thus adding confidence to generate development activities as per their needs. He was talking to District Nazim Attock, Maj ® Tahir Sadiq, who called on him here at the Prime Minister House this afternoon. The Prime Minister said that the local bodies system has been designed to facilitate the solution of people’s problems and providing them basic facilities and necessities of life at their doorstep.

Nazim Attock updated the Prime Minister about several development projects relating to the provision of electricity, water, gas, education, health facilities and construction of roads, which he added has brought about a qualitative improvement in the lives of common people in the district.

Maj ® Tahir Sadiq said that Attock is an agricultural area and the district government has taken several initiatives including the development of livestock to increase the income of the farming community.

22-07-2007 07:17 APP
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