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Another foreigner turns out to be resident of Attock
ATTOCK: Another deceased, who had been declared foreign terrorist by the government after the Lal Majid operation, has been identified as a resident of Attock.

The authorities had released pictures of some deceased, saying they were foreign terrorists and were involved in firing at the law enforcers from Lal Masjid. One of them had been identified as Usman Shah of Attock a few days ago.

Mohammad Ashraf, a resident of Shakardarra, Attock, has identified another “foreigner” as his son, Mohammad Aksar. Mohammad Ashraf told reporters that he was proud of the martyrdom of his son who offered the supreme sacrifice for Islam. He criticised the government for terming those martyred in the Lal Masjid operation as terrorists.

“When I saw the picture of my son, he was wearing the same clothes that he had taken from home. His martyrdom has not saddened our family but the statement of the government did so,” Ashraf said.

19-07-2007 19:48 Our Correspondent
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