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Heatwave paralyses life

ATTOCK: Like all parts of the country, Attock and it surrounding areas are still in the grip of extreme heatwave. People are avoiding going out in the scorching heat and finding it hard to keep up with their normal routine.

The high temperature has forced the residents to stay indoors due to which city roads are presenting a deserted look during day time. Attendance at offices also remains thin.

Even the busiest bazaars of the city including Civil Bazaar, Sarafa Bazaar, Hamam Road and Aslam Market were experiencing very low business. However, the sale of small towels and caps is on the rise.

Local traders have increased the rates of room coolers and air conditioners keeping in view the high demand. There is no check on their activities and people have no other option but to pay the exorbitant prices. Besides, cases of sunstroke, dehydration and other heat- related problems have also increased sharply.

Patients at the District Headquarters (DHQ) hospital Attock and other health facilities are also facing a lot of problems as no cooling system was available at these facilities.

Poultry industry in some areas is also suffering heavily as chickens have died because of intense heat, causing financial loss to farmers.

Meanwhile, well off families have left for hilly areas like Murree and Northern Areas to have some relief from the prevailing heatwave.
10-07-2007 07:18 Our Correspondent
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