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Rashid urges unity among political parties
ATTOCK: Awami Muslim League (AML) chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has urged all the political parties to get united by setting aside their vested interest as this is the need of the time.

He said this while addressing a gathering here.

He said the government should call a national conference of all political parties to form a joint strategy to cope with the problems facing the country.

The AML chief said if America wants peace in the region, it should withdraw its forces from Afghanistan and should not send more troops to the war-ravaged country.

He said RAW, Mossad, CIA and KGB are presenting the tarnished image of Pakistan and have launched a joint plot to defame its intelligence agencies and armed forces in the eyes of the world community.

Rashid said Nizam-e-Adl Regulation (NAR) had been approved by the Parliament and the nation should not be pessimistic about it.

He asked the government to pay attention to prevailing situation in Karachi and southern Punjab. He also urged the MQM leadership to ensure the security of those people belonging to NWFP and Punjab but working in Karachi.

He said Pakistan would always remain on the world map and those talking against the survival of his country are living in fools’ paradise. The AML president said India should understand that the survival of Pakistan is in its (India) interest.

He said it is the matter of concern for Pakistan that even international cricket teams don’t want to play in his country.

Rashid said the American aid of $1.5 billion is conditional and demanded that the US should adopt a realistic approach in this regard.

He said the AML doesn’t have resources but would fight for the rights of the oppressed people, adding, the ruling parties are no more interested in the hardships facing the common people.

Rashid condemned attacks on Imam Bargahs and churches and urged people to fight for the defence and integrity of the country. Latter, Shiekh Rashid inaugurated the AML office in Dar-ul-Islam colony in Attock.

26-04-2009 01:00 Attock News
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