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Ban on recruitment disappoints educated youth
ATTOCK: Disappointment and disarray has once again gripped 12,890 applicants who had applied for 2,597 vacant seats of educators in Attock district as after the imposition of governor’s rule, recruitment in the district has been banned till further orders vide additional secretary schools Punjab letter No. PS/SES/2009 dated Feb 26, 2009.

Apparently putting ban on recruitment is having no logic, as the appointments were planned to be made on merit and surprisingly no quota was allocated to MNAs, MPAs and other political figures.

Under the recruitment of educators programme 2,597 educators in Attock and across the Punjab more than 35,000 educators to be inducted and the process was at different stages of completion.

The vacant seats of educators in different schools of Attock were advertised in national dailies and in return for SSE (male) 306 vacant seats 835 applications, SSE (female) 371 vacant seats 2,077 applications, SESE (male) 633 vacant seats 1,731 applications, SESE (female) 591 vacant seats 4,036 applications, ESE (male) 318 vacant seats 1,112 applications and for ESE (female) 378 vacant seats 3,105 applications were received.

All the applicants had deposited Rs100 as application fee for each application and were having high hopes to get jobs. But after the imposition of governor’s rule the employment process has been put in abeyance thus disappointing the educated youth.

One applicant said that PPP was claiming to give jobs to the people but putting ban on educators’ induction negate its claim. Another applicant said that here personalities were strong and party based policies were being towed.

Yet another applicant urged that government to lift ban on appointment of educators, as this would not only give jobs to thousand of educated youth but would also improve standard of education and would help restore the confidence of people in government run schools.
14-03-2009 01:00 Attock News
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