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500 Sikh Yatrees to participate in Saka festival
Hasanabdal: As many as 500 Sikh Yatrees will arrive here on Tuesday (today) to participate in the Saka festival.

The government of Pakistan has given permission to the Yatrees to participate in the festival.The Sikh Yatrees are arriving in Hasanabdal to attend the festival on special invitation of Chairman of Evacuee Trust Board (ETB) Syed Asif Hashmi.

Bhatinda Chaitan Singh, while lauding the efforts of the Pakistan government, said people-to-people contact would further strengthen the relations between India and Pakistan. He also appreciated the arrangements made by the ETB. The Yatrees will stay in Hasanabdal for one-day and then will leave for Nankana Sahab on February 18.
17-02-2009 18:25 Attock News
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