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Mukhtar for integrated efforts to overcome problems
ATTOCK: Federal Minister for Defence, Chaudhry Ahmad Mukhtar Saturday urged all segments of the society to support government in its endeavors to overcome economic, political and social problems being confronted by the country. He said government strongly believed in promoting democratic values and wanted to take all political forces, including the opposition, on board to promote national unity and strengthen the democratic system in the country.

Speaking at an open Kachehry in Attock, he said that efforts were being made to improve the lot of common people by providing them employment opportunities and reducing the prices of daily use items.

He stated that government would soon bring down the interest rate so as to provide relief to the people and encourage economic activities in the country.

He advised the opposition to give up politics of agitation and confrontation and support the government to rescue the country out of current crisis and put it on fast track towards political, economic and social development.

Paying rich tributes to the Bhutto family for rendering immense sacrifices for the cause of democracy, the Minister said Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had laid down their lives for promoting and strengthening democratic system in the country.

“We need to follow the principles and political philosophy of our beloved leaders which can help us in promoting democracy and the spirit of national cohesion and integration,” said the Minister.

People belonging to different walks of life, apprised the Minister about their problems. He gave a patient hearing to their problems and directed the concerned departments to redress their grievances. He also assured the retired employees of Military Accounts from Attock district that their demand for provision of pension at Attock would be acceded to.

02-02-2009 13:37 Attock News
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