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Pakistan fully capable of combating challenges
PINDIGHEB: Pakistan did not want confrontation with neighbours, including India, however, the country was ready to defend its sovereignty, State Minister for Defence Production, Sardar Saleem Haidar Khan said.

Addressing a press conference here, the minister said: We are fully prepared to protect our ground and aerial borders if a war was imposed upon us. He said the nation was united to cope with any external challenge. Similarly, the top leadership, including President Asif Ali Zardari and Premier Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had complete understanding between them and all the important decisions of prime national interest were being taken following the Constitutional provisions and taking the Parliament into confidence.

Later, the residents of Pindigheb met the minister and apprised him about their area needs, including gas facility and sports stadium. On the occasion, the PPP President Pindigheb, Malik Arshad Nawaz, City PPP President Dr Noor Muhammad and former Tehsil President Mukhtar Husain Bhaya were also present.
21-01-2009 14:31 Attock News
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