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Recent rains to have positive impact on wheat crops
ATTOCK: Executive District Officer (EDO) Agriculture Qurban Hussain, has said that recent rain spell would have positive impacts on wheat crops and bomber production is being expected this year.
He said a vast area of land was covered for cultivation of wheat crops. He told that wheat target has been fixed and all resources were being utilized to achieve the target, he added.

The EDO said that about 15 percent of total wheat production had been lost due to wild bushes in the wheat fields.

He said that farmer community should adopt proper way and take guidance from technical field staff so that maximum results in the field of agriculture could be achieved. The EDO said that training courses were being arranged for the growers and farmers society to spread awareness among them. Replying to a question, he said supply of Urea on fixed rates has been ensured.

He told that so far, 40860 Urea bags had been distributed among the farmers of the district to boost wheat crops in the area.
19-01-2009 00:01 Attock News
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