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Pressure on nazims against democratic norms
Attock: District Nazim Major (r) Tahir Sadiq said the CM was alleging corruption without proof. “We are here today and there is no representative of the Punjab government, and this proves our innocence,” he said, adding that they had sent legal notice to officials of the Punjab government including the Punjab chief minister (CM), provincial minister for local governments, the chief secretary, and the local government secretary, demanding an apology for the allegations.

He said the last date of the notice was January 19 and if the government failed to apologise, they would file the case in the district court of Attock. He said the government was alleging corruption of about Rs 300 billion, and added that if the allegations were true, efforts should be made to identify the culprits and recover the money, instead of focusing on asking for financial aid from countries like China.
18-01-2009 23:52 Attock News
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