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Explosives placed in Burhan
HASANABDAL: According to another report, four men were killed and five others injured as the explosives placed in a construction company godown went off near Burhan area here.

The injured were rushed to Wah Cantt Hospital for first aid.

The highly inflammable material in the godown of the construction company all of a sudden caught fire and two rooms collapsed.

Hasan Abdal Police station crew and fire brigade vehicles arrived on the spot before long. The fire brigade crew overcame the conflagration after a while; however, four labourers succumbed to the injuries reached to them under debris plus fire-excited suffocation.

The badly burnt down corpses were beyond recognition; however, by different signs, three dead bodies have been recognized to be of Furqan, Saeed and Nawaz.

12-06-2007 03:18 Our Correspondent
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