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Campaign against spurious drugs, quacks continues
ATTOCK: Health department is successfully continueing a special campaign against sale of spurious drugs and quacks. This was stated by EDO Health Dr. Mohammad Hussain while talking to local news men here. He said, some 500 medical stores have been checked while 48 quacks were challenged.

The EDO said that 244 samples were collected from these medical stores which were sent to labs for checking. He said that a task force on spurious drugs was formed by Chief Minister Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif in November and special campaign was launched in Attock district. Dr. Mohammad Hussain said, some 379 medical stores and clinics were checked while 295 samples were sent for further testing during the month of August. In August and November more than 879 raids were conducted and 88 quacks were challenged. The EDO Health further told that the campaign will continue against spurious drugs and quacks throughout the district.
13-01-2009 16:06 Attock News
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