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Officials probe corporal punishment in school
Hazro: District Coordination Officer (DCO) Saqib Zafar had ordered a probe into the violent punishment meted out to a class-VIII student in Hazro tehsil.

The officials said Mohammad Imran, a resident of Farmuli Mullah village filed a complaint with the DCO, stating that his son, Mohammad Muneeb, was studying in a local private school.

Mr Imran said on December 18, Muneeb’s class teacher punished the boy by hitting him with a steel ruler, despite the fact that the government had strictly banned corporal punishment. The severe hitting caused bleeding from the boy’s hands.

“The incident not only resulted in signs of trauma among the parents but also left the boy fearing from going to school,” he added.

Taking a strong exception to the teacher’s act, DCO Zafar asked the education department to investigate the incident.

When contacted, Deputy District Officer (Education) Hazro Malik Mohsin Abbas said an inquiry was underway. Mr Abbas said he also visited the private school to gather the facts.
09-01-2009 04:25 Attock News
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