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Attock Sealed
ATTOCK: The district has been sealed by the law enforcement agencies to ensure peace and avoid any act of terrorism on Ashura.

All existing and entry points of the district have been sealed. Police and elite force personnel have been deployed at checkpoints.

Security personnel are conducting strict checking of suspicious persons and vehicles. Moreover, all roads connecting NWFP and Punjab particularly at Attock bridge on GT Road, Jarikus on Hazar road and Khushalgarh bridge on Kohat-Pindi road have been kept under special surveillance.

About 30 points of the district have been declared sensitive, where two army contingents have already been deputed to assist the district administration and other law-enforcement agencies in maintaining peace on Ashura. Besides the troops, over 3,000 police and elite force personnel have been deployed.
09-01-2009 04:04 Attock News
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