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Police fails to recover Polish engineer
ATTOCK: The Polish Engineer Mr. Peter Stanczak of Geofizyka Kraków Oil Company who was kidnapped within the jurisdiction of police station Basal, Attock on September 28, 2008 could not be recovered despite strict directives of the President of Pakistan Mr.Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani on the request of the polish government even a lapse of more than three months. Police sources said engineer Peter Stanczak was on his way to resume his assignment in oil exploration survey in field camp of a seismic survey company of Poland in the morning as usual in the early morning when four ambushed gunmen appeared and opened indiscriminate firing on the engineer's jeep and killed Frontier Constabulary guard Muhammad Saleem, driver Anayatullah and assistant driver Riaz. The kidnappers ran way in the own car towards Kohat District of NWFP abducting with the polish engineer Police said, this tragic incident took was place due to mismanagement of the company because its management did not follow the security instructions issued by the district police. Even, other multinational oil exploration companies had been advised to make proper security cover for their staffs while their movement in the oil fields of Miyal, Khour, Dahkni and Durnol in the wake of prevailing terrorism threats in the country. Meanwhile, a five-member investigating team led by SP investigation Attock Raja Hassan Akhtar along with DSP investigation Chaudhry Aslam, DSP Pindigheb circle Syed Zulfiqar Shah and the SHOs of Basal and Jand, was also constituted on September 29, 2008, In incidents in the country. On the other hand, all the 20 Polish engineers and technicians of Geofizyka Kraków Company have also winded up their business and left Pakistan their home countries causing a set back to the oil sector. Whereas, the pending compensations to the land owners of the areas have also been refused by the company due to suspension of their oil survey for an indefinite period. The head of the investigating team, SP Raja Hasan Akhtar said, police also took in to their custody a large number of activists of banned religious outfits from the surrounding villages of Pindsultani and Domail with the suspicion the foreigner could not have been kidnapped with the abetment of the local activists.
06-01-2009 18:32 Attock News
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