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Police told be vigilant during Muharram
ATTOCK: Regional Police Officer Nasir Khan Durrani has directed the police officers of Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Attock and Chakwal to be vigilant during Muharram-ul-Haraam to avoid any untoward incident. He directed that before starting of Muharram, police officers should settle the affairs regarding 'Majalis" with all the stakeholders. He also issued a code of conduct for the organisers of 'Majalis' while every stakeholder was bound to abide this. He said that total 4,093 Majalis would held in Rawalpindi region where they would be divided into category A, B and C and heavy contingent of police would be deployed. He said that total 179 places of Rawalpindi region were considered sensitive among which 96 from, 17 from Jhelum, 30 from Attock and 38 from Chakwal.
29-12-2008 14:37 Attock News
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