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Harmony during Ashura assured
HASANABDAL: The Tehsil Municipal Officer Sajid Ali Khan convened a joint meeting of Anjuman Imamia and Jamaat Ahle Sunnah at his office. The elders and the office bearers from both the sides participated.

Inspector city police station briefed the participants regarding the importance of the security during the Aushura and asked the administration of Anjuman Imamia to depute their own security people as well in addition to the local police so that they would identify the participants of the Majalis and the processions to be taken out during those days.

Qari Abdul Rehman, Kateeb Markazi Jamia Masjid on behalf of the Sunni sect assured the SHO for extending every possible cooperation to maintain peace in the city and added that the city would Inshallah maintain its tradition of sectarian harmony during the Muharram.

Fawad Manzoor of Anjuman Imamia also offered full cooperation to the administration and assured to follow the instructions laid down by the government in the very good interest of the people of the city. 
29-12-2008 14:31 Attock News
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