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Outlaws Held
ATTOCK: The district police have arrested 13-outlaws during raids at various places.

Fatehjang police also arrested six gamblers - Ghulam Khan, Muhammad Saleem, Irshad Mehmood, Aftab Ahmed, Muhammad Javed and Muhammad Matloob - and recovered stake money of Rs13,500 from their possession in a raid near Guliyal village

The Bhattar police also held four gamblers - Muhammad Razak, Masood, Abid Ali and Abdul Khalique – and recovered Rs4,060 from them.

The Airport police, Fatehjang, arrested three alleged outlaws - Shaukat Hayat, Qasim Shehzad and kala Khan – and recover hashish and liquor from them.

Separate cases were registered by the respective police stations against the accused.
28-12-2008 03:42 Attock News
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