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Urea shortage hits Attock
ATTOCK: The district is facing severe shortage of fertilizer, causing great hardships to the farmers who are now in the process of applying it to the wheat crop which is at its nascent stage.

Usually farmers apply fertilizers to the wheat and other seasonal crops with the start of winter rain spell.

A local farmer said with the start of rain the spread of urea was ideal but he said when he approached the local dealers for the purchase of fertilizer it was not available with him.

Some affected agriculturist blamed urea smuggling by the fertilizer companies and wholesalers to NWFP for its shortage. While some hoarders also restricted the supply of 
fertilizer to earn more profit.

They demanded the government to take concrete measures for provision of sufficient supply of urea and fertilizers in the market besides taking action against the hoarders and controlling its smuggling.
24-12-2008 12:29 Attock News
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