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War on terror is not ours
Tribal Lashkers (Tribal Armed Forces) and Taliban may confront in the near future in tribal areas as well as in some parts of the province. The PPP led government in the Center and the Nationalist ANP led government in the province of NWFP have planned to organize the Pukhtoons especially those of the tribal areas to get united and take up arms against Taliban to move them out and make them surrender to the writ of the government. But this will cause serious repercussions on the social and political environment of the province and in the tribal areas as well. The Pukhtonns both in the province and in FATA have suffered very much and have paid a huge price in every aspect for their blind support to Taliban, observed Ahmad Afridi.He said that it was not a right policy to ask the tribal people to take up arms against Taliban and other militants’ groups to flush them out from FATA.He feared that as a result of any possible clash between Taliban and the armed tribal Lashkers, FATA would again be turned into a battle field and much more blood would be shed from both sides which is not in the best interests of the people of this region. It is right that people in FATA as well as in the province have fed up with the anti social and anti state activities of Taliban and consider the illegal activities against Pakistan which can be fruitful for the anti Islam states. The people of the tribal areas wish Taliban and other militants to wage a holy war against US led armies in Afghanistan to make it their graveyard or force them to run from Afghan soil. The US led forces are not justified to occupy Afghanistan, which is clear that US led Forces have planned to secure their worldly gains for the next few centuries to make their coming generations enjoy. Lot of blood of the innocent people in FATA have been shed and flowed. We want no more blood of the innocent Pukhtoons tribesmen for the sake of just nothing. It will be really very bad for FATA people to see skirmishes between Taliban and the tribal Lashkers in this region. Taliban and the militants had in the past got united and organized just to push out US led armies from the soil of Afghanistan. They are supposed to understand that it is not appropriate to challenge the powers of the State of Pakistan due to which the anti Pakistan States will be pleased. This is also clear that anti social activities of militants in FATA have detached the tribal people from Taliban and now we see that tribal people are fed up with the growing illegal activities of militants in FATA, for example, to kidnap innocent people or loot them on the main roads or harass the local people by imposing their dogmatic principles over the tribal people. It is right for the government to run a media campaign for the awareness of the tribal people to make them indifferent to Taliban or all other militants. But one cannot second this policy of the government to organize the tribal people to fight against their strayed brethren in FATA to shed more blood of the innocent people. The tribal people are already very miserable suffering from unemployment, poverty and uneducation. They should not be moved to another phase of civil war to be fought in the streets of the backward tribal areas. The Coalition government led by PPP in Islamabad is supposed to say fare well to President Bush and his alliance for the sake of the sovereignty and integrity of Pakistan. The war on terror is not ours. So we don’t need to be a front line ally in this futile war. Similraly the ANP led Nationalist government in the NWFP is also bound to halt the military operation in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas to avoid further bloodshed in FATA for which they are wholly solely responsible and accountable. ANP’s leadership believes in non-violence, but strange to see they are eager to cause further bloodshed of the tribal people and the army of Pakistan, which is not in the best interests of the country. Whose war is being fought in FATA by ANP and PPP? Taliban and the incumbent rulers have a moral obligation to sit across a table and start negotiations to find a durable solution to the growing dispute and tension in FATA as well as in Swat. War is not a solution.
05-10-2008 20:34 Sudhir Afridi
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