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Illegal use of govt vehicles on the rise
ATTOCK: Illegal use of Government vehicles are on a rise in Attock and surrounding areas as government employees are using it for recreational activities rather than for official use. It must be mentioned here that Government vehicles are strictly meant for official use, however some of the government officials are using it for their own comfort like in recreational activities. It is worth-while mentioning that mostly vehicles filled with family members were seen on hilly tourists points thus clearly indicating that it was being use for luxury purpose. On the other hand, Government provides petrol and diesel for official use, but government officials use it for their own use thus heavy loss to National Exchequer. Public circles have demanded high ups to take serious note of the misuse of government vehicles as government vehicles are only meant for official use and not recreational use which mostly government employees are doing on weekends and on top of it purely on government expenditure, which is totally unfair.
01-06-2007 01:48 Online Reporter
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