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Blockage of nullah vexes citizens
ATTOCK: The waste of houses and small factories has blocked the Nullah of Attock city polluting the environment. Besides, gutters of the entire city have choked off emitting bad smell in the entire vicinity. The residents of the area both male and female approached the city nazim and demanded of him to solve their problem. The main Nullah of Attock city passing near Choti road is full of waste and other raw material and the water of the city falls into the Nullah. The main gutter line of the city also passes through the Nullah that has also closed due to the blockage of the nullah. The water of gutters remains in homes causing inconvenience to the citizens. A group of citizens approached the city nazim Shaukat Ali and informed him about their woe. The city nazim told them that he had informed the district nazim about the problem several times and he was responsible for it because he had the manpower and he would resolve the problem.

02-06-2007 02:00 Online Reporter
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Posted by mian qureshi
21-06-2008 02:57, , Guest
blockage of nullah
this under ground naalah which starts from Railway area collecting rainy water of whole railways land and sewerage water of whole city, passes through shed mohallah, R block, F block, and appears under open sky in Chhoi west. In rainy seson due to its blockades, overflowing water enters into the houses of inhabitants near astabal bazar F block and destroys everything but in last 40 years no one paid any attention to this problem. All union council members, nazims and attock city baldiya and Railway authorities are deaf ears in matter. In this country no one listens hue and cry of poor people. Only solution for all these problems is free courts and free justice. One may refer to courts and compel these phroahs throughcourt orders to wlalk straight. we all must come out for freedom of courts and freedom of judges, otherwise these farooans nazims or super nazims will not listen to anyone.
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