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Transport fare reduced
ATTOCK: The district administration reduced the pubic transport fare applicable for all local and inter-city routes in wake of lowering petroleum prices.

The administration asked the concerned officials of transport authority to implement the new rates in letter and spirit.

According to the press release, the transport fare was reduced following the directive of District Coordination Officer (DCO) Attock.

The secretary RTA Attock has fixed Rs. 10 stop-to-stop fare on all local routes, whereas 74 paisa per km will be charged on
all inter-city routes.

DCO Attock Captain (Retd) Saqib Zafar directed the concerned officials to ensure implementation of the decision taken for the welfare of the public.
Meanwhile, Motor Vehicle Examiner (MVE) Attock, Mujahid Khan said that Rs 50,000 fine was imposed on 110 vehicles over violating of traffic rules during checking at different areas of the district including FatehJhang and Pindigheb.

He asked all the drivers and transporters to update their vehicles documents including passing, route permits and token taxes without further delay to avoid fines and other legal action. He said that ongoing traffic campaign will continue in the area.
17-12-2008 14:47 Attock News
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