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Court adjourns former PM Shaukat Aziz’s case till October 28
ATTOCK: An Anti Terrorist Court adjourned the hearing of former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz Fateh Jang suicide attack case till October 28. The Judge ATC-II Sakhi Muhammad Kahut recorded the statement of two prosecution eyewitnesses here on Tuesday.

The Judge recorded the statements of two witnesses in the
premises of Central Jail, Adiala, Rawalpindi. The court proceedings are being held inside Adiala Jail due to the security reasons.

The Court had already directed the SHO Fateh Jang police station to produce Aziz for recording his statement. The summons were issued for the fourth time.

The accused Moulvi Imtiaz and Moulvi Usman were allegedly involved in the suicide attack during the election campaign of the former Premier Shaukat Aziz.
21-10-2008 17:25 Attock News
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