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One killed, another injured in armed clash
FATEHJANG: One person was killed and another injured in an armed clash between two groups on land dispute in Qatbal, the village of Fatehjang on Sunday. The incident took place when the two different groups (Aslam and Abdul Malik) claimed the ownership of a piece of land. Abdul Malik, the resident of Qatbal village purchased disputed land while Aslam the resident of the same village also claimed to be the owner of some portion of the land. According to police sources, Aslam took possession of the land with the help of some friends and built a boundary wall as well as a small house on the disputed land. When the owner of the land (Abdul Malik) came to know about Aslam's possession on the land, he went over there with his other seven companions and destroyed the disputed house. The opponent group resisted but Usman who was from the Abdul Malik's group opened fire on the Aslam's group in which Shaukat of the Aslam's group was killed while one person from Abdul Malik's group was also injured on receiving a bullet.

31-05-2007 04:55 Bureau Report
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