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Tehsil ( ATTOCK ) Local News
Probe ordered into death of student, girlfriend
ATTOCK, Jan 10: Regional Police officer (RPO) DIG Nasir Khan Durrani on Saturday ordered an inquiry to ascertain the cause of death of a medical college student and his girlfriend.

Earlier, the local police declared their death a suicide in the FIR without examining the ground facts and evidence of the incident.

The RPO issued the orders on the application of a local dental surgeon of Attock Dr Saqib Suleman, the elder brother of the deceased student.

The applicant, Dr Saqib, said that his 22-year-old brother Amir Suleman was first year MBBS student of Rawalpindi Medical College. On December 31, 2008, the birthday of his brother, he received information at about 7.30 pm that his brother Amir was shot dead and his body was lying at the tehsil headquaters hospital Taxila.

He rushed to the hospital along with other relatives and found his brother’s body in the mortuary with bullet wounds to his skull. On query, the investigation officer, Sub-Inspector Sikandar Hayat, who was present at the spot, said Amir committed suicide with a pistol after injuring a 19-year-old girl at Wah Cantonment near her house. The girl, who was also a medical college student, was rushed to a local hospital, he maintained.

The police registered attempted murder and suicide cases against his dead brother on the report of the mother of the deceased girl without going through medico-legal, violating the rules, he said. After three days of the incident, the injured girl also died at the hospital on January 3, he said.

According to medico-legal report, the bullet entered his skull from the left side whereas his brother was a right-hander. There was also no charring of the area where the bullet hit, which proved that the shot was fired from a distance instead of point blank, he said.

Such findings of medico legal report enough to prove that his brother and girl were killed by third person, he claimed.

Moreover, police had neither recorded any statement of the injured girl as she was alive for three days nor did carry out her postmortem and even her relatives took her body from the hospital and buried without informing the local police, he said.
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PPP struggled hard for basic rights of people: Hakmeen
Attock: PPP Central Secretary Coordination, Senator Malik Hakmeen Khan has said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto sacrificed their lives for restoration of democracy in the country.

These views were expressed by him while talking to local media men here in Kamra Cantt on Friday. Malik Hakmeen Khan said that Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and his companions sacrificed their lives but did not bow before the illegal and illogical rule of Yazeed. Malik Hakeem said, the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain remembers us to face all the challenges of life with patience and courage.

He said, PPP pioneer leader Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto struggled hard for the protection of basic rights of people and restoration of real democracy which is the true path of socio-economic development and prosperity of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

He said, the martial law dictator,offered attractive incentives and slot to Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and his family but, he preferred to face the atrocities of black laws. Even, his close political fellows had left him alone in those crucial hours but, Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto pledged to continue his struggle till the finding of his destination and thus his stance is reflected in the history with golden words. Malik Hakmeen said, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was also killed as she pledged to fight for restoration of true democracy and protection of the constitutional rights of the people.

She left her asylum and returned back to her homeland as she had strong desire to live close to her people. Earlier, her two younger brothers, Murtaza Bhutto and Shahnawaz Bhutto were also killed by the anti-democratic powers due to their affiliation with their people.

Malik Hakmeen said, at present the country is facing many challenges and now, we should come together to join hands with the PPP in the need of hour.
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Three get life term for drug peddling
Attock: The additional district and session judge, Malik Muhammad Rafique, has awarded life imprisonment to three drug traffickers.

The Attock Khurd police arrested the three convicts —Muhammad Nazir, Zahir Shah and Hadyatullah – on September 6, 2007 for smuggling of narcotics from NWFP to Punjab.
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Mourners pay homage to martyrs of Karbala: Ninth Muharram processions pass peacefully
ATTOCK: Processions of Alam and Zuljinnah on the 9th of Muharram were taken out throughout the district, including Hassanabdal, Wah and Taxila on Wednesday.

Zakireen and mourners in their speeches recalled the supreme sacrifice rendered by Imam Hussain and his companions in Karbarla, Iraq and stressed the need for harmony and unity among different schools of thought while following the teachings of the martyrs of Karbala.

The main procession of Alam and Zuljinnah was taken out from Imambargah Sheenbagh village in Attock city, which was participated, by a large number of mourners.

The Azadars recited Nohas, performed Zanjeerzani and beating their chests. Sabeels of drinks and food-stalls were set up at different points to facilitate the mourners.

Zakireen in their speeches highlighted the sacrifices rendered by Imam Hussain and his companions in Karbala for upholding righteousness and truth.

The procession ended peacefully after passing through its traditional routes. A special mobile medical unit remained with the procession to provide medical treatment to the mourners.

The law-enforcement agencies had made strict security arrangements for maintaining peace and order. Roads leading to the routes of the processions were heavily guarded, which were barbed with iron wires and manned by police and elite force personnel. They were also deployed on rooftops to remain vigil and handle any untoward situation.

Senior police officers, civil administration and intelligence agencies monitored the overall security measures from the control room set up at the district headquarters besides visiting Imambargahs and venues of the processions.
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Attock: About 70 scheduled processions, out of 116 had passed peacefully throughout the district since the start of Muharram. Now the remaining 46 processions would be taken out on Ashura (Thursday). Major procession will be taken out form Imambargah Kamalpur Syedan, Attock cantonment, in morning that will end at Markazi Karbala in the evening.
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Attock Sealed
ATTOCK: The district has been sealed by the law enforcement agencies to ensure peace and avoid any act of terrorism on Ashura.

All existing and entry points of the district have been sealed. Police and elite force personnel have been deployed at checkpoints.

Security personnel are conducting strict checking of suspicious persons and vehicles. Moreover, all roads connecting NWFP and Punjab particularly at Attock bridge on GT Road, Jarikus on Hazar road and Khushalgarh bridge on Kohat-Pindi road have been kept under special surveillance.

About 30 points of the district have been declared sensitive, where two army contingents have already been deputed to assist the district administration and other law-enforcement agencies in maintaining peace on Ashura. Besides the troops, over 3,000 police and elite force personnel have been deployed.
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Police fails to recover Polish engineer
ATTOCK: The Polish Engineer Mr. Peter Stanczak of Geofizyka Kraków Oil Company who was kidnapped within the jurisdiction of police station Basal, Attock on September 28, 2008 could not be recovered despite strict directives of the President of Pakistan Mr.Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani on the request of the polish government even a lapse of more than three months. Police sources said engineer Peter Stanczak was on his way to resume his assignment in oil exploration survey in field camp of a seismic survey company of Poland in the morning as usual in the early morning when four ambushed gunmen appeared and opened indiscriminate firing on the engineer's jeep and killed Frontier Constabulary guard Muhammad Saleem, driver Anayatullah and assistant driver Riaz. The kidnappers ran way in the own car towards Kohat District of NWFP abducting with the polish engineer Police said, this tragic incident took was place due to mismanagement of the company because its management did not follow the security instructions issued by the district police. Even, other multinational oil exploration companies had been advised to make proper security cover for their staffs while their movement in the oil fields of Miyal, Khour, Dahkni and Durnol in the wake of prevailing terrorism threats in the country. Meanwhile, a five-member investigating team led by SP investigation Attock Raja Hassan Akhtar along with DSP investigation Chaudhry Aslam, DSP Pindigheb circle Syed Zulfiqar Shah and the SHOs of Basal and Jand, was also constituted on September 29, 2008, In incidents in the country. On the other hand, all the 20 Polish engineers and technicians of Geofizyka Kraków Company have also winded up their business and left Pakistan their home countries causing a set back to the oil sector. Whereas, the pending compensations to the land owners of the areas have also been refused by the company due to suspension of their oil survey for an indefinite period. The head of the investigating team, SP Raja Hasan Akhtar said, police also took in to their custody a large number of activists of banned religious outfits from the surrounding villages of Pindsultani and Domail with the suspicion the foreigner could not have been kidnapped with the abetment of the local activists.
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Army to be deployed at sensitive points in Attock
ATTOCK: Army contingents reached here on Monday to assist the district administration in maintaining law and order and peace during Muharram.

On the requisition of district administration, two Army contingents reached Attock. Troops would be stationed at Tehsil Attock and Jand of the district. As per district police security plan, about 30 points of the district, including Domail, Jahmat, Sheenbagh, Shakerdara, Kamra Kalah, were declared sensitive. Out of total 116-Muharram processions, 42 were also declared sensitive in view of intelligence reports and previous history.

Police carried out flag march at all Tehsils of Attock. District Police Officer Attock Fakhar Sultan Raja said as per security plan, one Army company will be stationed near the sensitive points of Tehsil Jand and other will be at Attock Tehsil. Besides the troops, over 3,000 police and personnel of other law-enforcement agencies would be deployed throughout the district for Muharram duties.
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ملک بحرانوں کی زد میں ہے

اٹک میں علما و مشائخ کنونشن سے خطاب کرتے ہوئے جمعیت علمائے پاکستان کے مرکزی راہنما قاری زوار بہادر نے کہا کہ ملک اس وقت بحرانوں کی زد میں ہے،علما اپنا کردار ادا کریں ۔کنونشن سے خطاب کر تے ہو ئے قاری زوار بہادر نے کہا کہ علما مساجد اور خانقاہوں سے نکل کر اتحاد امت اور فرقہ واریت کے خاتمے کے لیے کوششیں کریں،انہوں نے کہا کہ بھارت اور اسرائیل نے دنیا کے امن کو تباہ و برباد کر رکھا ہے اور امریکا ان دہشتگردوں کی پشت پناہی کر رہا ہے ۔انہوں نے کہا کہ غزہ کی صورتحال پوری امت مسلمہ کے لیے چیلنج ہے لیکن حکمران خاموش تماشائی بنے ہیں ۔

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Frequent power outages hit security arrangements
ATTOCK, Jan 4: Long hours of scheduled and unannounced loadshedding is creating hindrance in the security arrangements as the walkthrough gates, close circuit cameras and other electronic security devices cannot function properly without the availability of electricity, it has been learnt.

Owing to a number of terrorism incidents, security cameras had been installed at jewelry shops, hotels, markets, banks and other public places besides walkthrough gates at government offices, religious places and other sensitive points to avoid any untoward incident but frequent power outage was rendering them useless.

The development was making it difficult for the law-enforcing agencies to ensure foolproof security in the city.

Loadshedding had caused major problems to the communication system of the police and pother law-enforcement agencies as they could not even charge their wireless sets and other communication equipment.

Because of this, the law-enforcers were relying on manual security arrangements which were ineffective in the current situation, particularly to implement the Muharram security plan, the sources maintained.

Robbers and thieves were also taking an advantage of the problems in the security arrangements and they find it easy to escape in the night darkness after committing street crimes.

The power outage was also causing problems to patients visiting and admitted to the hospitals, including District Headquarters hospital (DHQ). The patients struggle to get their X-rays and tests from laboratories.

According to the patients at DHQ hospital, the hospital despite having a generator was not catering to their needs and even scheduled operations were being postponed because of loadshedding.The frequent power breakdown was also affecting trading activities and domestic life.

Schedule of power loadshedding is not even available with the local Islamabad Electric Supply Company (Iesco) complaint office, a group of residents told this reporter.

When contacted, an official of the Iesco said loadshedding timings were being decided by the National Power Control Centre (NPCC) and that the local office was not aware of it.

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