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Hostgator Review

November 15, 2016 at 1:21 pm

The dynamics of web hosting rarely change even though improvements are made in the services. Ever since the internet gained full momentum about two decades ago, there has been major advances made in the entire web ecosystem. The changes have been due to increasing numbers of users online. In order to accommodate these changes, web hosting companies have embraced all kinds of strategies to stay on top of the market. Few companies have been able to sustain the pressure and Hostgator is one of them. This company has been in existence for close to 15 years and has achieved a lot in that period. Here is a short Hostgator review that looks at the different aspects of their services.

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Best Hostgator Review

Hostgator products overview

The company offers dedicated web hosting, shared web hosting and virtual private server services. Hostgator also offers reseller hosting services. The main benefit of the company is the sheer number of services that have been integrated into the system. WordPress and other content management services have for instance been supported on the platform. There is native integration of WordPress particularly, which means that there is an overall improved performance and rendering. The hosting plans come in varieties, ranging from ‘Hatchling plans’ that have few features to ‘Business plans’ that offer multiple services.

Hostgator Support

This web host has a live support where clients can interact with the service providers through chats. The platform also has contact lines for clients willing to talk to one of their agents. For clients who are probably looking for simple answers, there is a fairly detailed FAQ section where common issues are addressed. Various forums also keep a record of any community interaction and updates that can be helpful to clients. In overall, Hostgator support is quite extensive. Since it is also offered 24/7, it is definitely one of the most convenient.

Hostgator Reviews

Internet users offer their insights on different hosting platforms through reviews. A simple search for web host reviews will indicate the popularity of a particular company. It is no doubt that Hostgator is one of those that come out among the most popular. Many reviews from Hostgator users have shown that a lot of people are attracted by the plans that the company offers since they suit their needs. Users also often cite the reliability of the host, mainly because it has a pretty solid up-time and it has been very consistent over the years. Many also like the support, the control panel, and the general interface. In short, positive reviews dominate and this is always a good thing when you are considering to make your investment.

Hostgator is definitely among the giants of the hosting business as can be seen from this Hostgator review. The company has garnered a lot of loyal clients over the years who have made it stand out. As much as newer companies have threatened to shake up the market, the resilience of this company makes it a solid choice for many. A few issues like client dissatisfaction due to the kind of support offered can be expected sometimes, but they are not a deal-breaker.



SaferVPN Review 2017

January 30, 2017 at 5:36 am

SaferVPN Review 2017 – is safervpn the best vpn service for 2017? Find out via this comprehensive review article.

If you are in need of a very reliable VPN at an affordable price, then you’ll do very well with SaferVPN. SaferVPN gives you the opportunity to pick out of three different package options with simultaneous connection and discount bonuses along with the longer subscriptions.

SaferVPN Review

Subscription Plans

The Basic plan priced at $4.99 permits you to use just one device connection on every session; perfect for individuals using just a phone or computer. On the other hand, the premium plan priced at 47.50 permits three connections. Small business owners and friend groups are also catered for with the Small Business Plan priced at $16.67.

Trial windows

In case you’re still skeptic about these subscriptions or will like to give their service is a try. You can go for their 24-hour free trial or money-back guarantee (two weeks). You can also take advantage of their referral program that gives you and your friend a free month of service.

Easy Payments

Payment on SaferVPN has been made quite versatile with availability in various pricing standards like Dollars, Euros, and GBP; and payments options available in Paypal, Mastercard or Visa card, Alipay or even bitcoin for those of us that’ll like to ensure anonymity.

Privacy and Security

SaferVPN enables users to pick their desired encryption protocol for use at any session to balance security and performance depending on the needs at that time.

SaferVPN Coupons

For those who like to save money on all their purchases, SaferVPN allows you to save lots of money with up to 65% discounts available. With a discount coupon, you have the opportunity to pay less on annual and semi-annual investments; and don’t forget the 2 weeks money back guarantee just if you are unsatisfied. Just imagine how amazing premium plans will be with a coupon!

In fact, let us look at this analysis (how beneficial SaferVPN is for your wallet); with a 65% discount coupon and the semi-annual plan, the initial monthly price will drop from $7.50 to $5.82 while with the annual plan, it might even drop to $4.99.

Forum reviews;

Online Presence

A major concern most people usually have when purchasing products and services online is the company’s online presence. This is because of the proximity social media channels give companies and their customers. However, SaferVPN is present on all the top social media websites i.e. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). They even went as far as creating a YouTube channel dedicated to providing their clients with instructional videos. A blog is also available that is filled with service updates, industry news, and tips.


SaferVPN provides its users with continuous guidance and helps through their dedicated customer support. There are a lot of other helpful and supportive features like; the illustrated setup guides for mobile clients, and desktop clients. They also have a detailed OpenVPN walk-through.

Responses to questions (simple questions) are usually pretty easy and fast. Agents who are also very active dutifully answered queries or opened a support ticket on your behalf in case the questions need redirection or are too technical. Responses to tickets were received in just a few hours for simple queries and technical queries, on the other hand, might take a few days.All in all, our SaferVPN rating is 5 out of 5 and it is totally recommended.